Texas State Rifle Association Discusses Keeping Their Members Informed

On my quest to find out how MultiView‘s products benefit our association partners and their members, I visited the TSRA in Austin, TX. What did I learn? The TSRA members benefit from their weekly e-newsletter, the TSRA Weekly Newsbrief, by having industry-specific, up-to-date news  consolidated into one email on a weekly basis. What a time saver! Here’s what Steve Hall, former Executive Director of TSRA, had to say:


Steve is a former leading staff member at the Texas Parks and Wildlife. He became the Executive Director for the TSRA about two years ago, and has recently stepped down from his position to move on to another role within the association world.



TSRA is the largest of the NRA state affiliates and  the most active and productive. One of their main missions as an association is to champion and support the rights of law abiding Texans to  own, enjoy and use firearms as guaranteed by the Constitutions of the State of  Texas and the United States of America.


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