Email marketing trends 2018: Using text-based email vs. image-heavy HTML

825x340-regular_image-email_marketing recently posted a fantastic article on “4 Popular Myths That Are Actually Ruining Your Sales Email Strategy.” Myth #2, only send one-off emails, focused on the differences between a one-off personalized email vs. a bulk send that uses a template. Here’s what author Heather Morgan had to say:

“The rookie mistake here is to assume a one-off message is automatically more thoughtful and personalized, which isn’t true. You can send a one-off email that’s just as bad as a mass one.

To avoid this, use traditional cold email practices, but don’t be afraid to use templates as well. You can still send a targeted, thoughtful email that feels one-on-one, but is much more scalable and expedient when used as a template that can be modified for future audiences.”

Morgan re-affirmed what I’ve always believed to be true with a sales email marketing strategy – that a combined approach of bulk emails with personalized follow-ups equals bigger wins.

Right now, more than ever, email marketing is about making a connection with your customer by sending them relevant messages. Gone are the days of “spray and pray.” You have to keep a consistent message and voice – something that resonates with your audience.

Bulk email messages can still effectively do this if you have the proper audience segmentation. Don’t be afraid to use those image-heavy content templates that are common to bulk sends. They are great for communicating a new product launch, highlighting product or service features, or just re-introducing your audience to one of your products. These types of HTMLs can still be personal. You’ll just have to show that level of personalization through your content and not necessarily individual personalization fields. Making your message relevant is, in essence, making your email personal!

Combining this approach with a one-off follow up is a killer win! This is where your text-only, no-image email will be most effective. Use a personal approach to follow up on a bulk email. First, target anyone who clicked on a link in the email (or, at the very least, anyone who opened the email). Second, send them an email that starts with something like, “We recently sent over an email that highlighted our [product/service]. I was wondering if you had an opportunity to explore our solutions. If you have a moment today, let’s jump on a quick call together and delve a little further into that email.”

By following up with a more personalized approach you’ll be capitalizing on 1) the repetition of your message, 2) keeping your name in your prospect’s inbox, and 3) giving your prospect that individualized attention they crave.

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Lisa Marino

Lisa Marino

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