The Food Truck Life

No, I’m not running away from home and opening up my own food truck. Although… unlimited, delicious, greasy food, driving around aimlessly thru the GTA… Anyways, there are a ton of food trucks in the GTA, and unfortunately the Toronto City Council has limited the area these bad boys cover. Regulations were set earlier this year that limits where Food Truck can now park and serve (not within 50 m from any restaurant… which is literally ALL of downtown) and limits the amount of time they are allowed to operate in a specific area. What does this mean for me and my hunger for delicious truck food? Well it’s going to be pretty hard to find these food trucks when I’m just walking around town.

Luckily, MultiView Canada has a solution! Every other week in the MV Canada office, we have food trucks park outside of our building to serve our hungry staff. Usually priced between $5-$10 for a meal, you get a variety of awesome food! So far we have seen the Beavertail, La Loteria and the Let’s Be Frank food trucks…and next up, we have Caplansky’s Deli coming next Wednesday, June 25!!! I think this may be one of the best perks of this job… don’t forget to get in line next Wednesday! And every other Wednesday after that until September!!


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