The More You Know…

Did you know that there is a whole group of companies and professionals for histotechnology (cell structure and tissue)?  How about that there is an association of businesses involved in the Kitchen and Bath industry?  Or, my favorite, a whole international society of explosives engineers?  One of the best parts of my day at work is learning about the different associations with whom we partner, and the intricacies of their operation.

With each new project, we are given a breadth of new knowledge.  First, we learn about an association most of us didn’t know existed.  I mean sure, AARP and AAA are pretty much universally known, but who, outside the industry, knows about NACE (the National Association for Catering and Events.)  There is an association, society, or group for just about any discipline these days!

Then we get to dive deeper into the workings of the association.  For example, there is an association of exhibitions and events (IAEE).  This association caters to giant convention centers, companies that design exhibit booths and everything in-between.  Fun fact, there is actually a trade show for an organization that caters to trade shows.  Expo! Expo! Expo! takes place every year and is a huge industry event.

Within  the association, knowledge is learned about companies involved in the industry.  It is important to learn who the industry leaders are, and why they are such a big deal.  Who is exhibiting with the association?  Who belongs with the association?  What is the buyer/seller relationship different companies have within the association and the industry?  These tidbits may seem extraneous or insignificant, but I think they are much more important on a macro level.  With every call we make and every partnership we gain, we gain insight into the perplexing world of business.  We learn what makes it function, what holds value, and more importantly, what creates success.  Each association reveals a unique paradigm to the standard buyer/seller relationship; we are getting a front row seat.

I love knowing things.  The experience at MultiView is like a college class that is applicable and experienced first hand.  The team members who actively partake in understanding the association to which they are assigned are at an infinitely greater advantage, both in work and life.

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