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Timing is everything when it comes to peak season success

tractors on display for a peak season sale

I walked into my local home improvement giant Lowe’s recently, needing a few things for the house. Wall anchors to hang a set of hooks, a part for my grill and some light bulbs that never last as long as they promise. But I digress; the point here is that as soon as I walked in the door, I saw it. Mind you, it was the first week of October.

The promotional merchandise wasn’t pumpkins and ghosts. No, even though Halloween is still weeks away, I was greeted by Christmas trees and inflatable reindeer. Holiday marketing is underway.

Some will tell you it’s a retail conspiracy, aimed at making us reach ever sooner and deeper into our purses and pocketbooks to squeeze every remaining dollar they can. It may be, but I will also tell you it’s proper marketing planning.

Consider this: RetailMeNot conducted a survey that revealed 45 percent of Americans will begin holiday shopping before Nov. 1. That likely means in October. Perhaps as a result of this, or being armed with this information, almost 80 percent of retailers said they planned to start holiday marketing efforts earlier this year.

But this post isn’t about retail holiday strategy, it’s about marketing planning. It’s about knowing your customers and when to reach out to them.

For retailers, they know the holidays, like Christmas, bring increased sales. For many, it’s the peak selling season. With more avenues than ever available for shopping, retailers know consumers have options. Thus, it’s important to get their messages to shoppers in plenty of time to get their attention and spread their messages.

For B2B business, December may not be peak season, but that doesn’t mean organizations like yours don’t need marketing plans for their biggest times of the year.

A tractor equipment supply company, for example, doesn’t see a Christmas boost in sales. According to Google trends, interest (searches) in tractor equipment generally peaks each year in April.

Most businesses know when their peak seasons are – in fact, all should. Learn what you can about your customers in the lead up to that peak season. Know where they are or where they’re searching.

Then, with appropriate planning, you can put together a marketing plan to hit those potential customers where they are, when they’re interested. Just as a retailer would be too late to start holiday marketing in December, a tractor equipment firm can’t wait until April to start pushing its products, services and promotions.

So, how soon do you start ramping up to peak marketing season? Well, that depends, of course. The more data you have on your customers, the more likely you are to find them at the right time during their buying journey.

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