To Utah, with Love.

I recently returned from one of the most enlightening, encouraging, and appreciated trips that I’ve ever had the fortune of taking. I was in Salt Lake City, Utah.

While I was in Salt Lake City, what I appreciated the most, aside from my wonderful training classes, were the mountains. Everywhere I looked I could see them, morning, noon, and night. I think I wore the patience  of my friends thin who received daily pictures of the mountains and the snow. After about a week and a half in Utah, one friend said to me “I wonder if it snows there…” While I loved the stunning views of the mountains covered in snow, I realized I don’t think I ever quite saw the sun while I was there. Yes, it was THERE, I just didn’t actually see it.

One weekend, I spent a day “snowed in” on Snowbird Mountain. Well, as my class told me “You weren’t snowed in, you can still see the wheels!” – I sure felt snowed in! (See below) I had offered to drop my work colleague off so he could snowboard, so I decided to throw on some comfy clothes and run out the door. To my dismay, we found ourselves in the middle of a “blizzard,” and I didn’t want anything to do with driving back alone. So I found my way to the lodge and proceeded to make friends (after I bought a t-shirt of course!) When my colleague came to find me a couple hours later, he commented, “I leave you alone for two hours and it’s like Cheers in here…why am I not surprised?” Truth is, he shouldn’t have been surprised at all, I’m usually not happy unless I’m involved in some sort of social activity.

I spent one afternoon in Salt Lake City where I explored City Creek and walked through Temple Square, along with the visitor center in 25-degree weather. It was beautiful! With a serious need to warm up, I stopped for some local fare at Red Rock Brewery. Finally, the night before I came home I had dinner in Park City. (Who would have thought that a city in the middle of the desert would pride itself on it’s sushi?). Of all the places I visited, I enjoyed Park City the most. I would describe it as the quintessential ski town with an abundance of galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and even a bit of a night life.

Now that I’ve been back in Texas for a few days I am realizing a few things:

Just because it looks warm outside, does NOT mean that it is. In Utah, there is never any question that it is freezing because there is snow on the ground.
• From the window in my office here you can see for MILES – with no end in sight.
I didn’t see many patios in Salt Lake City, and after a spurt of 89 degree weather in Dallas yesterday, I remembered how much I love my patios in the Spring/Summer/Fall.
• There really is a Starbucks on every corner in Dallas.
• Driving in snow there is like just another day at the office, in Dallas the entire city would shut down.
Most importantly, I have realized that I brought something back with me that you can’t take a picture of, gift wrap, or mail.

Before my trip to Happy Valley, Utah, I was instructed on how different the culture there can be from what I am used to in Dallas. I’ve been to my fair share of different places, but it was explained to me that this would be different. I want to go on record now and say that my time in Utah was nowhere close to what I had been told to expect. It was, in fact, better than I could have imagined it would be! Aside from the part of me that behaved like a typical tourist, I had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing, intelligent, motivated, and respectful sales professionals I have ever encountered. (Shout out to Team Top Gun and The Dream Team!) Working and living surrounded by beautiful mountains for two weeks, I learned a valuable life lesson that was strengthened each day I was there.

Yes, Utah is different than Dallas but, really, is it? Regardless of any differences we had, we all shared more similarities than anything else; we laughed at the same jokes, we all have family we care about, we all shared in the successes of the class and we were all equally excited about the new office we were opening. At the end of the day, we aren’t different at all, we’re all exactly the same.

Here’s to Utah, with love.

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