TSCRA Video- Bridging the Generational Gap in Your Association

Recently, we asked one of MultiView‘s long-standing association partners, the Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA), to discuss their success in bridging the generational gap within their organization’s leadership structure through their Young Leadership Series (YLS).

In the video below, Tim Niedecken, Executive Director of Association Services, and Stacy Fox, Director of Member Programs, at TSCRA discuss their association’s success with the YLS, as well as provide helpful advice to associations on sustaining youth member involvement:


Here are three main takeaways from TSCRA’s Young Leadership Program’s success:

1. Current leadership within your association should make youth development a high priority. The best way to do this? Make yourselves available to provide guidance and other leadership input to those participating in your young member programs.

2. Younger members want to learn. As Tim said, this is their industry they will most likely be in for the long-haul. Providing them with tools to learn and succeed will fuel that longevity within your association.

3. Put your program to use. Once your association has implimented a young leadership program, be sure to take the people who have gone through the program and put them into leadership positions to demonstrate your program’s success.

To learn more about TSCRA’s Young Leadership Series, click here.


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