Why You Should Use Video for Effective B2B Marketing


Quick, tell me your all-time favorite ads. I’m willing to bet most, if not all of those you came up with, were TV commercials. That’s because of the power of video. Of all the media out there, video is the most dynamic. In a past era, about the only way to utilize video marketing was through television – an expensive and very consumer-facing vehicle. But thanks to today’s media mobility and a lower cost of entry, video is a more realistic option for B2B marketers. Moreover, it’s not just a realistic option, but a smart one. Here are plenty of reasons that prove it.

Search Engines Love Video
Search engines prioritize content that engages viewers, and video is the master of engagement. In addition to drawing quality traffic to your website, videos provide valuable backlinks to help boost those search engine rankings. You probably know that Google is the largest search engine, but did you know YouTube is the second-largest? Videos on YouTube help increase SEO, and thus Google ranking. People love video, and therefore so do search engines.

Social Media Loves Video
Need proof that people love video? Video is the most shared form of content on social media, with 92% of mobile video users sharing content with others. The rise of live broadcasting through platforms like Facebook and Twitter has increased the options for social video. Obviously, the more compelling, fun or informative your video is, the better chance it gets shared. And, with any luck, your video might be the next to go viral.

Show and Tell
The great thing about video’s audial and visual nature is that you can explain and demonstrate. This is obviously important when debuting a new product or explaining how to use an existing product. Statistics show that 98% of users have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. That could explain why almost half of business who utilize video marketing make an explainer video part of their home page. Whether it’s a tutorial or a testimonial, nothing compares to video when it comes to showing and telling about your products and services.

A Great Compliment to Email
If you’re a marketer, you’re probably already aware of the ROI and staying power of email marketing. Video marketing tied into your email campaigns boosts both. The targeting capabilities of email lets you get the right videos in front of the right audience, while the engagement of video increases conversions, clicks and shares from your email marketing. Research has shown that video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

In addition to breaking down the barriers to entry, online and mobile video content provide a measurement component TV could only dream about. No longer do ad buyers have to rely on audience surveys and ratings numbers. With digital video content, you can measure click-throughs, number of views, even length of view. Unlike text content, where you don’t know if a reader stopped after the first paragraph or read until the very end, video metrics let you know how far into the video the viewer watched. You can also measure where your views are coming from. All this valuable information means you can analyze and optimize content, further reducing costs while increasing effectiveness.

Trust Me
The dynamic nature of video lets you get creative and detailed with your content, allowing some personality to show through in your marketing. It also lends it credibility. Being able to see something in action builds trust. The buyer builds confidence in your product or service by gaining a clear picture of it. In one survey, 57% of consumers said they were more confident about a purchase after watching a video.

Still Unsure?
If you still aren’t convinced about the value of video advertising, what’s stopping you? Don’t think you can produce quality video marketing? Unsure how to maximize a video marketing strategy? MultiView can help. Give us a call at (972) 402-7070 and let one of our experienced marketing consultants help with your video efforts.

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