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Recently I read a post on LinkedIn stating that Content Marketing had ‘Jumped the Shark’.  I admit that I had to Google that term.  When I did I was surprised to learn what it meant.  Here’s the gist of it…

“. . . the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality . . .”

Clearly, this isn’t TV, but you get the idea.

Between Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update, the growth of video content, the ridiculous growth of corporate blogging, the ease of social promotion, the value of earned media, and the explosion of content marketing firms, I found that statement somewhat appalling.


The author of the post was more focused on the overuse of ‘top 5′ style lists, and ‘how to’ content.  He actually had some valuable insights.  I’ll paraphrase, his beef with content marketing was more focused on the over sharing of generic business mantra’s and vague lists written with the intent that they’ll be shared, and not to educate. I agree with that to an extent, and we notice with every Google algorithm update the screws tighten on the quality and relevancy of content.  So it seems that there is a form of natural selection in the content marketing world.  An organic elimination of content for the sake of sharing or for the sake of clickbait.  What that means for content marketing professionals is an enhanced focus on branded content, brands as publishers, niche journalism, and better visual content.

here is my comment on the post…

 “While I could not agree with you any more than I do regarding the abuse of  list-based content, and the uber recycled ‘how to’ content; I have to say  that the essence and soul of Content Marketing reaches way past lists and  how to’s. Visual content is growing extremely fast in both the B2C and B2B  space. Video, info graphics, Expert Written content, eNewsletters, etc are  gaining momentum faster than you can make a top 5 list of how to blogs.  Branded Content has become beyond necessary, and with the favor shown  to quality relevant content by Google with every algorithm update, it is  apparent that Brands as Publishers is the direction content marketing is  moving. This is good news though. In fact, the importance of this shift from  lists and top 10′s is very necessary to recall when deciding the best Content  Marketing publishers to partner with. As we know it is Content that drives  SEO, it is Content that drives pay/click, it is Content that drives social  media, and it is Content that drives web traffic. So Jason, I do not think  that Content Marketing has jumped the shark, but the lists and how to’s      will not be a part of the future of quality Content Marketing.”

Please weigh in with your thoughts, insights, criticism, or support.

Viva Content Marketing!!

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