Want proof that you know what you’re talking about?

Working in a competitive sales environment, we are usually proactive enough to learn as much as we can about our industry in order to produce higher sales numbers. Because our paychecks are a direct correlation to our monthly sales, our reps are always looking for constructive criticism to help improve their tactics.
Anytime you walk into a MultiView break room you will undoubtedly hear sales reps talking about what has worked for them, what hasn’t worked and how they should have handled a particular situation. Well, I have another idea to help improve your sales pitch. You see, our main focus at MultiView is AUDIENCE. As sales reps, we too have to know ours, and our audience is marketing professionals/decision makers.
eMA_seal_png_halfres2So, how would you like to have more confidence on your sales calls and have proof that you actually know what you’re talking about? Look no further! One of the many benefits MultiView offers to our employees is a top notch continuing education program. Right now, we offer 15 different courses such as Persuasion, Excel and Business Writing, to name a few. However, our most popular course by far is the certified eMarketing Course. This course is paid for by MultiView but instructed by the eMarketing Association.
The certified eMarketing Course is a 5 course program which covers basic marketing, email marketing, web marketing, search marketing, and social marketing. Upon completion of the final exam, you will earn your certification which solidifies your professional competency in the eMarketing industry and proves to your clients, peers and employer that you do in fact know what you’re talking about. So, if you work at MultiView and would like to have more knowledge about the eMarketing industry, and have ammo when handling certain objections, email or call me and I’d be happy to discuss it further with you.

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