What is your Extra Degree of difference?

As sales professionals I think that it’s possible to feel as if daily actions become monotonous and repetitive.  We often forget that we are just that – SALES PROFESSIONALS.  Meaning that we are professionally trained  for success in selling.  We are born with an innate ability to thrive under pressure, to push the limit, to think outside the box, to question the norm, to create new boundaries, and to step outside of our normal comfort zone…well, our Multiview sales professionals are born with those qualities anyway…(insert playful chuckle here…)

What happens when we get bored or things become too easy?  Well I’d say that’s when true winners are born, that’s when they shine the brightest.  Some will continue to go through the motions while others will turn up the heat and push themselves further, harder, faster.  There’s a video that I love that describes just this.  It’s called 212:The Extra Degree.


“212° The Extra Degree captures a simple, yet powerful concept. At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. It’s that extra degree that can power a locomotive; or take your life results far beyond your expectations.”  There is a very marginal difference between those who simply accomplish tasks for the sake of completion, and those who take extra measures and consideration for the upcoming task at hand.  Personally, I relate to the “extra degree”  in terms of cause and effect; if I make more sales each month I can buy the new car I’ve been wanting, or if I deliver a professional and compelling presentation my boss will tell me that he appreciates my work.

To translate this into a sales language, what can you gain from excelling professionally?  Use that to drive and motivate you to settle for nothing less than exactly what you deserve and want most.  That could mean anything from passionate execution of the sales process, taking the time to call five more prospects instead of quitting, or taking the time to make sure that your clients feel confident about their purchase.  Now I ask you, what is YOUR extra degree? 

What happens when you light a match? Right away you get “an explosive reaction” before it dies down and continues to burn.  Think of that explosive reaction as your “extra degree”; it’s that intense satisfactory feeling that we experience after we’ve accomplished something challenging and leaves you ready to take on another climactic challenge.  If you’re anything like me, it’s that addicting rush after making a sale or the intense feeling of euphoria when you’ve finished something great.

Channeling and using your “extra degree” is more than just setting goals, it’s about really incorporating it into your conscious daily actions.  As sales professionals it is normal to set goals – something to strive for.  But most of us know that it’s not enough just to “set a goal”.  We need to find and use that one degree of difference.  I prefer to write down my goals, I enjoy spending the time deciding what I’d like to accomplish in the coming week then outlining and detailing the exact steps needed to accomplish those goals.  Creating a road map for achieving your goals is one of the tricks to finding and using your “extra degree.”

It’s possible that you may have an idea of what your “extra degree”  is, but are afraid of the responsibility that comes with success.  If so, you my friend, are not FEARLESS.  Push yourself! “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson

“To get what we’ve never had; we must do what we’ve never done.”

Where does your “extra degree” come from? Family?  Recognition?  Money?  Personal Goals?  Your children? Knowledge? Professional Success?  What is it that pushes you to be better than you’ve ever been?

It’s your life.
You are responsible for your results.
It’s time to turn up the heat…

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