What’s the Foundation of Your Content Marketing? (Hint: It’s Not Just Strategy)


A strategy that is holistic in its approach to content marketing sets a company up for success – but you can’t create that strategy without first knowing some key practices that content pros use every day. Knowing them helps you cover the customer buying journey and gives you a direct influence on your direct audience. Content strategy matters because B2B buyers have moved into the digital age, as should you, and there is a vast and almost endless amount of information that a buyer can consume. It only makes sense to provide valuable information that makes them listen to you rather than someone else. Can you make sure that all touch points where your potential and current clients see you through researching their problem, evaluating companies, and making their final decision about which one to choose are covered with valuable content? Whether it’s your blog, social media channels, or your email newsletter, making all the touch points where your client could potentially see you work together is important for guiding them toward becoming customers.

Building an effective strategy around your content based on tried and true principles is part of what makes content marketing – content marketing. Without a strategy for your content, you are speaking on deaf ears – meaning it’s unlikely your ideal customers will hear you. Your strategy creates a vehicle for your content to get from point A (your company) to point B (your targeted and appropriate audience) while communicating the fact that your company is a thought leader and an educational resource. And in his new ebook, content marketing product manager Lee Whitehead spells out practical ways for bridging that gap with the pillars your strategy should be based on.

In “Is Your Content Marketing Missing These Pro Practices?” Lee identifies some key practices that will serve as the foundation of any strategy you create. By learning about how to understand your buyer persona, map your customers’ journey, raise your standards, and use social media to your advantage, you’ll discover how your content can inspire communication and engagement.

Download it today and start becoming a content marketing pro.

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