Whitepaper: The Democratization of B2B Analytics


The term “business intelligence,” which has become popular in recent years, was notably first used more than 150 years ago in 1865, in the Encyclopedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes, to explain how a banker used structured data to gain advantage over competitors. Today, there’s a democratization of data taking place, and with the right tools and knowledge, businesses of any and all sizes can drink from the well. To help explain the business and benefits of data analytics, MultiView, a leading digital marketing and association publishing company, recently published a whitepaper titled “Small Business, Big Data: The Democratization of B2B Analytics.”

bigdata“Data has always provided an enormous return to businesses, if it’s collected and analyzed properly,” said Scott Bedford, MultiView’s CEO. “With tools and capabilities to make use of this digital data, every business, regardless of size, can reap huge rewards. We’re happy to offer this whitepaper to decrease the intimidation factor of big data, and to help marketers and business owners take advantage of the available data they have at their fingertips.”

The whitepaper defines B2B analytics, speaks to the challenges of B2B data, and discusses the steps B2B need to take to improve marketing effectiveness.

To download a complimentary copy of the data analytics whitepaper, click here.

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