Whitepaper: Sales and Marketing – Frenemies No More



Conventional wisdom has maintained that sales and marketing departments need more common thread in order to be more cohesive. Thanks in large part to technological advancements, sales and marketing departments these days can be – and should be – more united than ever. To help fully understand the importance of sales and marketing working together, MultiView, a leading digital marketing and association publishing company, recently published a whitepaper titled “Sales and Marketing – Frenemies No More.”

cover_blog“As a large B2B digital publishing and marketing company, we have an understanding of the importance of sales and marketing working in harmony,” said Scott Bedford, MultiView’s CEO. “Sales and marketing should share some common KPIs and if the departments are working toward a set of common goals, the entire business wins. We’re happy to offer this whitepaper to help sales and marketing executives come together in the name of progress and productivity. ”

The whitepaper illustrates how each department needs the other in order for company success, the challenges of aligning the two groups, and specific ways of tackling those challenges.

To download a complimentary copy of “Sales and Marketing – Frenemies No More,” click here.

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