Why your association should blog

As the Communications Manager here at MultiView, I have learned just how important a corporate blog is. Not only have we had the chance to showcase the writing talent of some of our employees, but we have inspired creativity. And, most importantly, we have provided outside viewers with valuable information on association insights, sales tips, life lessons, and advertising advice.guest-blogging-resized-600

Now, knowing that we have over 1,300 association partners, I think to myself, “Why should associations have corporate blogs?” Well, the answers are simple and very similar to the reasons why we have one.  Here are my four reasons why your association should blog:

1. It provides your readers with a constant flow of information. As most of you readers know, stagnant websites tend to not have as many repeat visitors. Stagnant websites reflect a stagnant organization (have I said the word “stagnant” enough for it to stick as a very negative term in this aspect?). For associations, it is especially important to keep your members coming back to your website on a regular basis so you keep them engaged, show them the growth of their industry and provide them with another good reason as to why they pay dues. Make sure to put a link to your blogs on the homepage of your association’s website. Better yet, put a live feed on it!

2. It’s more personal. Essentially, a blog puts a face to the association’s name. Upon further digging, I have found that one of our association partners, the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), has a “President’s Blog” which resides on the association website. This is a GREAT example of putting a face to the organization. Why wouldn’t you want to hear what the president of your association has to say on a regular basis? After all, he is obviously a wealth of knowledge on your given industry. Now, you don’t necessarily have to have your association’s president posting content all the time, but it’s great to have someone (or multiple people) who is a credible source within the organization as the front-man (or woman) in the bloggosphere.


3. It allows for your members to interact with you on a regular basis. Wouldn’t all associations want to visit with every single one of their members on a regular basis? Well, now you can via your blog! With each post, your members can comment and add their thoughts. This validates the importance of their thoughts and opinions. Added bonus: You will more than likely learn things to improve on more often; which, in turn, helps with member retention.

4. It allows the association staff to be creative. Thinking outside the box is a lot of fun for the creative mind! Feel out the more creative thinkers on staff and see if they would like to be regular contributors to the blog. This will not only flatter them, but will also provide your readers with different writing styles and points of view.

If your association already blogs, keep up the good work! If it doesn’t, don’t sweat it…just make it happen as soon as you can. 🙂

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