You Wrote an Awesome Blog. So Now What?


Let’s begin with the assumption you’ve already done due diligence on setting up your blog. The platform is established, the look has been tweaked. It’s a framed canvas begging for your artwork.
Further suppose you’ve typed up a masterpiece. You sat down and penned a Picasso post. A Warhol of words. A Monet of mots. People need to see this.

The foundation of any successful blog is the content, but the most valuable content imaginable isn’t worth the digital paper it’s written on if nobody is reading it. Don’t be a starving artist – get this blog to the gallery.

Successful bloggers don’t just post content and hope the audience comes to them. Fortunately, there are channels to push your content through to expand its reach.

Social media is an obvious one. You share photos of your kids, tweets of your friends, even pictures of what you had for dinner (you know who you are, meal-posters), so it only makes sense to share a link to your awesome blog post.

Some bloggers will tell you to focus on one or two social channels, but don’t leave untapped audiences out there. It’s likely you’ll have different followers on Facebook and Twitter than LinkedIn, so feel free to push your post across all your networks.

And speaking of social sharing, let other people go to work for you. Too many blogs miss an opportunity by not making the content itself sharable. It’s human nature for people to share something in which they find value, so be sure you add social buttons to make it easy for readers to share your post with their own friends, colleagues and networks. Remember, employees are some of the best “sharers” of blogs. They’re proud of where they work and many are looking for great content to share on their social profiles.

Email newsletters are another vehicle for spreading your blog audience. Associations Now, a resource of the American Society of Association Executives, provides a daily newsletter that offers its fresh content to subscribers’ inboxes. Readers need not take the steps of navigating to the blog page each day – the blog comes to them.

“People have been trying to kill email since the dawn of the Internet, but there’s a reason it’s an everlasting medium,” MultiView Director of Content Marketing Sam Morton said. “Marketers have to understand that by entering their customer inboxes, they must use that power responsibly. Customers don’t want to be bombarded, so take careful attention to honor that relationship.”

If you find the idea of putting together your own newsletter too much work, consider finding an established newsletter in the industry or field.

For example, marketing agency CrowdRiff blogs often about destination marketing. Destinations International, an association for destination marketers, produces a weekly email newsletter through MultiView. The content of CrowdRiff’s blog post is relevant and useful for the newsletter’s audience, and it becomes mutually beneficial for both parties to include it. Destinations International is providing members with helpful information, and CrowdRiff is spreading its brand.

Finally, if you blog regularly enough on timely topics, get your site registered on Google News. Not all topics and blogs will satisfy Google’s requirements, but if yours does, it makes significant sense to be listed on the world’s foremost search engine (which should also remind you to not forget your common rules of good SEO).

If you feel overwhelmed by all the various potential ways to spread your blog (aka your brand), third parties can also help you broaden your audience. MultiView’s Content Marketing arm provides all of these services, promoting blogs through social, websites, newsletters and paid advertising. If your blog is a major weapon of your content marketing arsenal, it might make sense to consult professional assistance to make sure it reaches its full potential.

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