You’ve got a lot to say – how B2B content marketing can help you say it


In the Digital Age, the amount of content being produced daily is sometimes overwhelming. As a B2B business, this can feel intimidating, and you might even think you’re behind in the content marketing department. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. In fact, when asked about the maturity of their content level, only 6 percent of organizations claim to even be at the “sophisticated” point.

With the amount of platforms and avenues that you can create content for, finding the best strategy can be hard, especially since B2B content marketing as a whole, although established, is still maturing itself.

So where do you start? What content should you produce and where should you post it? Through the use of some effective strategies and engaging, high-quality content, your brand will feel the impact.

Content marketing is all about planning and having goals

As many of us know, outlining your goals and creating a plan to get there is the most effective way to stay on task. This is true of content marketing, too. Of the brands with high-performing content programs, 88 percent say that they have a documented content marketing strategy. So get those pens out and start planning your calendars.

Quality over quantity

When you get on social media or do a quick Google search, the amount of posts related to your interests is unending. Creating content for the sake of creating content isn’t going to cut it if you want your brand to be viewed as a reliable thought leader. Instead of making your content overly sales based, focus on creating a post that is analytical and insightful so that you can further your reach within your audience.

Know your audience

Different content serves different audiences, and therefore should be promoted on different platforms. A funny industry related meme or video is great for Instagram, but may not be received well on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

Although creating content is important, actually reaching your desired audience is the target goal. Through a mix of organic posting, and some paid promotions on search engines and social networks, you can make sure your new and exciting content is actually being seen.

Spark lead generation

At the end of the day, generating leads is what drives business. Eighty percent of marketers are using content to convert their online visiors into leads. By offering content downloads, free trials and registrations you are effectively generating the leads you need to keep your business growing. Investing the right amount of time and money in a strong content marketing campaign will reward you with endless lead opportunities.

Still unsure of how to get started? We can help! Our dedicated team of Content Marketing Strategists are available to help you plan and execute your strategy. Learn more today.

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