Guide to Getting Started in Digital B2B Marketing

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You know your business needs marketing. Without it, potential customers won’t know you exist. They won’t know you have a product or service that will benefit them. Every business needs a consistent flow of new leads. They’re the oxygen that keeps your business breathing. And it’s marketing that supplies this oxygen. Marketing cultivates brand awareness. It nurtures prospects. And, ideally, marketing fosters those prospects into loyal, longtime customers. But understanding the need for marketing is separate from understanding how to market.

Businesses have responded by moving ever more digital, but simply having an online presence is not enough. Successful marketing finds leads, nurtures them and converts them into customers. It’s not a simple, overnight progression, and the effective marketers are those who put the right message into the right channels. The intention of this guide is to explore – on a basic level – how that gets done. Consider this your B2B Digital Marketing 101 crash course.

This ebook provides:

  • A quick primer on B2B marketing basics and background, including understanding the buyer and the funnel and current challenges facing B2B marketers
  • An understanding of B2B marketing strategy and the tactics involved in creating a successful campaign
  • Ways to execute a campaign, including the various channels and analytics involved
  • A comprehensive glossary of digital marketing terms, so you can “talk the talk” when presenting your ideas