Navigating Your Business Through the COVID-19 Crisis

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At the root of uncertainty is unanswered questions, and those are plentiful right now, especially for business owners and managers. Plenty of advice has been put out there about how to prepare your workplace for combating spread of the disease. But beyond setting up sanitizing gel stations, enforcing hand washing and implementing remote work opportunities, what about actually guiding your business through this extraordinary set of circumstances? Are there lessons that can be taken from previous recessions? How do you steer your company forward right now?

Obviously, each business will have its own set of circumstances and industries will vary, but there are some insights and ideas that can apply to most organizations. Not all may apply to your situation, but compiled here are some things to think about as you try to stare down this unparalleled business environment.

This ebook provides:

  • Information on how to recalibrate your sales channel when face-to-face communication isn’t available.
  • An examination of how crisis management can impact the success of your business during unprecedented times.
  • Ways to prepare for the “new normals” this crisis will bring to B2B.