Special Report: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on B2B Businesses

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While the COVID-19 crisis has been a consistent presence for months now, its impact on businesses has been less consistent. Certain industries and sectors have faced far different circumstances than others. Even within industries there can be wide discrepancies in the pandemic’s influence. As a result, it can be hard for a business leader to gain perspective and guidance through all the uncertainty and lack of clarity. That’s why MultiView set out to analyze the pandemic business strategies of North American B2B businesses, hoping to gain and share insights into the market sentiment regarding activity during the crisis and into recovery.

Among the key findings is that impact has been widespread but uneven. A vast majority of respondents (79%) said they’re being impacted negatively – either directly or indirectly – while only 13% claimed they have not been impacted. Smaller businesses (both by number of employees and by annual revenue) tend to show greater direct negative impact than larger companies.

The study touches on topics such as remote work environments, business investment priorities, expectations, challenges and influences.