How to Implement VisitorView

After you’ve bought VisitorView for your business, you’ll need to take the steps below to set it up so you can start to receive insights on the companies that visit your website.

  1. We’ll send you an email with personalized instructions as well as code that includes the website URL on which the pixel will fire. Please confirm that this is the correct URL by replying to this email. We’ll set it up to fire on the website URL you gave us when you signed up and we’ll keep it as that unless we hear otherwise.
  2. The code listed in the email as “Header Pixel” must be placed in the header of every page and the “Footer Pixel” must be placed in the footer of every page. The website on which you place the pixel must be the same website that you have confirmed with us, otherwise we will not register the traffic as belonging to you.

Placing the pixel correctly will maximize the insights you get and should not affect the load time of your website once it is placed.

In this same email from your account manager you’ll receive a username and password to login into our portal at You should see visitors in your portal 24 to 48 hours after the code is placed on your website.

You can find additional information on our webpage about VisitorView. If you would like to receive an email summary of traffic every weekday, have any questions about VisitorView, need access to your portal or do not see visitors in your portal 48 hours after the code is implemented, feel free to contact us.

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