Why Marketers Can’t Afford to Chase a Silver Bullet Strategy

convince and convert multiview pr hit

In this article on Convince & Convert, Todd Ebert, MultiView’s Chief Marketing Officer, spells out why one strategy won’t get the best results in today’s marketing landscape.

It takes a silver bullet to kill a monster—at least, that’s how it works in the movies. What does the myth of the silver bullet have to do with B2B marketing? More than you think.

Digital technology has transformed marketing. One dangerous drawback of the “measure everything” age is the myopic focus on attribution. While marketers once accepted as fact that they didn’t know which half of their ad budget was wasted, today they’ve done a 180 and believe that if it can’t be measured, it’s not worth doing. Not only is that mentality flat-out wrong, it breeds an obsession with finding a silver bullet marketing tactic to capture customers. Consequently, you hear some B2B marketers making boneheaded comments like, “we put all our budget on search engine marketing because we get leads.” That’s not something to brag about…

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