MultiView Releases Brand Safety Whitepaper, Infographic

Irving, Texas — Marketers and business owners alike have to maintain a keen awareness of brand safety — specifically where their ads are seen in today’s advertising ecosystem. Advertising your product or service in the wrong place, whether an innocent mistake or a case of negligence, can lead to negative sentiment or even outright boycott from buyers and consumers who expect more from a brand.

If it wasn’t a common-use term before, “brand safety” is definitely more mainstream in the marketing world today. To that effect, MultiView, a leading digital marketing and association publishing company, recently published a whitepaper addressing the importance of brand safety entitled “Finding Brand Safety in Today’s Digital Advertising Ecosystem.”

“The issue of brand safety has escalated over recent years,” said MultiView’s CEO Scott Bedford. “Therefore, finding true brand-safe media is an enormous challenge for today’s B2B marketers. In releasing this whitepaper, we hope to further educate marketers on the importance of brand safety and how to best protect their brand in a programmatic, digital environment.”

The whitepaper defines the relevance of brand safety, addresses the various issues encountered by advertisers and offers a checklist of suggestions to help mitigate the likelihood that a brand receives unwanted negative exposure or ties to illegal or objectionable content.

To further drive home the importance of brand safety, MultiView published an accompanying infographic aimed at answering the question, “Is Your Advertising Brand-Safe?” Providing an abbreviated checklist followed by best practices and industry statistics, the infographic, in conjunction with the whitepaper, serves as a significant tool in the fight to achieve and maintain brand safety.

To download a complimentary copy of the brand safety whitepaper and infographic, click here.

About MultiView
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