Webinar: Understanding the Conversion Pathway in Paid Media


The one thing most digital marketer can agree on? The digital marketing world changes FAST. What works today doesn’t always work tomorrow. In an increasingly competitive digital buying B2B world, you must be ready (and willing) to pivot. And nothing provides better insight into IF you should shift your strategy than conversion rates.

Today, seasoned marketers look at conversion rates that extend beyond click-through rates (CTRs) and cost-per-click (CPC). And conversion rates don’t just include sales — people who make appointments, fill out contact forms, call you, and request free quotes also count as conversions. So, where do you start in tracking your conversions?

In 30 minutes, this webinar dives into different simple types of conversion tracking; takes a look at attribution modeling; and helps you identify common problems (and fixes) – all while providing specific use cases to help you increase conversion rates.

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