Casella CEL, Inc.


Casella’s campaign objectives consisted of increasing targeted brand awareness and for their best in class electronics instrumentation technology. Their biggest challenge was trying to find their niche audience in the United States and United Kingdom at the right time in their buying journey and influencing them to visit Casella's website for further information.


Using MultiView’s audience targeting solutions, Casella was able to reach their audience of industrial hygienists, safety managers, safety engineers and other hygiene and engineering professionals with custom messaging. This increased their targeted awareness with a niche audience within the United States and United Kingdom.

Casella’s campaign used a combination of behavioral targeting and site retargeting to accomplish their goals. It was most important for Casella to reach the right customers at an ideal time within the buying journey. Behavioral Targeting, which uses a blend of search retargeting, contextual targeting and competitor conquesting, targeted an audience that exhibited specific buying behaviors for Casella’s offerings. Additionally, site retargeting helped achieve this goal by targeting people who had already been to the Casella website.

By using this multipronged strategy, MultiView was able to increase Casella's site lift while also providing a 50% lift in overall site traffic over the past year. Also, MultiView helped enrich Casella’s understanding of online marketing, providing additional value. Here’s what Casella said:

“Our Account Executive is diligent, resourceful and respectful of my limited time as VP, North America of a busy small company. Our Account Manager has shown immense grasp of our unique needs and has guided the creative team to bring about excellent results. His willingness to listen to and act appropriately on our story and to quickly grasp the unique value proposition of our company, people and products is very much appreciated and his creativity, perseverance and dedication to ensuring a successful outcome is to be commended.”

"The service provided is unique and powerful; the people are professional and perform to a very high level and they are truly invested in ensuring outstandingresults from our campaign.”

Rob Brauch, VP, North America

Targeting Types

Site Retargeting

Site retargeting helps you stay top-of-mind with interested prospects after they leave your site by showing ads reminding them to come back and take action.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting leverages multiple tactics that reach your target audience after they search for your types of products and services, read content related to your industry and evaluate your competitors.

Results of 365-day campaign

Casella accomplished their goals with MultiView’s audience targeting solutions, achieving the following:

  • 50% increase in website traffic
  • Increase in site lift
  • Over 1 million targeted impressions to their niche audience
  • Over 3500 clicks
  • Overall increase in targeted brand awareness