Objective needed to raise awareness and improve education of their product functionality.'s audience is highly diversified and consists of audit partners, staff auditors, compliance officers, lawyers and professionals. Their overall goal was to target this highly defined audience in the United States and United Kingdom in an engaging and targeted way to accomplish their campaign goals. boasts improved awareness and highest CTR with programmatic targeting


After discussing strategy and diving into the data, MultiView developed a holistic campaign that enabled to reach their audiences efficiently and effectively. The campaign used a combination of site retargeting and behavioral targeting techniques that included search retargeting, contextual retargeting and competitor conquesting to pinpoint their audience of audit partners, staff auditors, compliance officers and lawyers.

These targeting strategies combined with our expertise in creative and data optimization allowed to accomplish their campaign goals in a cost-effective way – a point further proven by MultiView's ability to produce a higher CTR compared to other online marketing efforts. In the United Kingdom alone, has already seen the raised awareness as extremely helpful for improving and supporting their sales efforts.

Additionally, found that MultiView’s account support was second to none, helping them to understand the implementation process and suggesting practical improvements through the campaign's entirety. By using a multi-tactic targeting strategy, MultiView was able to help reach their highly defined audiences while lifting and supporting all of their marketing efforts.

"Our challenge is educating our target audience ... MultiView allows us to create awareness to our targeted audience in a very efficient way.”

Debbie Gray, Director of Marketing,

Targeting Types

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting leverages multiple tactics that reach your target audience after they search for your types of products and services, read content related to your industry and evaluate your competitors

Site Retargeting

Site retargeting helps you stay top-of-mind with interested prospects after they leave your site by showing ads reminding them to come back and take action.

Results of 365-day campaign exceeded their goals with MultiView’s targeted campaign, achieving the following:

  • Over 2 million impressions to a highly targeted audience
  • Over a .39% click-through rate
  • Over 9,500 campaign actions
  • Overall increase is brand awareness, enhancing United Kingdom