Lead Your School


Lead Your School, a small education consulting and training business, wanted to increase awareness as an industry presence in the public schools space and enhance the nationwide reputation of its products and services.


The campaign managers at MultiView prepared a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach for Lead Your School, including a branded email newsletter campaign, behavioral and persona-targeted online impressions and display advertising in relevant association digital publications.

Most importantly, MultiView was able to connect Lead Your School with its, highly specific audience of decision-makers in schools and school districts. The branded email newsletter, The Intersection, delivers custom and curated news and content directly into the inboxes of about 5,000 current and potential customers. Meanwhile, display advertising in weekly digital publications from associations such as the School Superintendents Association, the National Association of School Superintendents and the National Association of Elementary School Principals, keeps Lead Your School’s products and services in front of the potential buyers they want to speak to most.

Event targeting, also known as geofencing, also allows them to reach their specific audience at individual trade shows and conventions, even promoting particular sessions that include speakers or presentations from Lead Your School. “MultiView allows us to maintain and build a national reputation, along with providing value-added services,” Cain said.

“The proof of effectiveness has been organic. Now, when we talk to educators across the country, more of them are aware of who we are than aren’t aware."

Sean Cain, Chief Idea Officer, Lead Your School

Targeting Types

Content Marketing

Content helps your current and potential customers make better decisions in their day to day lives, and the companies successfully reaching them with useful content are establishing themselves as the go-to industry authority


Geo-fencing targets prospects who are physically at a specified location through their mobile devices. We use this to target trade show attendees with your ads, creating awareness for your company and products and driving traffic to your booth during the show

Results of 365-day campaign

Lead Your School achieved real results with their campaign including:

  • Targeted campaign CTR of .29% in 2016 Q1
  • Cumulative campaign CTR of .23%
  • Event targeting CTR .18%
  • Branded email newsletter opened by more than 1,000 readers per week