LiteTrax needed to show their new all-terrain, track-driven vehicle to specific audiences in a way that conveyed the benefits effectively. Reaching their target market of cabin and ski resort owners, search and rescue workers, hunters, cross country ski clubs, oil and gas companies proved difficult for LiteTrax through traditional online placements and media. They needed an efficient, effective marketing strategy capable of reaching the right people, at the right time.


After evaluating the best options for achieving LiteTrax's goals and considering their challenges, MultiView developed a comprehensive campaign that included tactics to target potential buyers based on their online activity. These included behavioral targeting and site retargeting.

This allowed LiteTrax to cover each of their target audiences while focusing their efforts on self-qualified prospects. These strategies were used together to increase LiteTrax's brand awareness with people who showed signs of being in the market for all-terrain vehicles. Different behavioral targeting tactics showed ads to people who searched for keywords related to these vehicles, viewed content about similar products, and researched competitors. Site retargeting ensured that visitors who came to LiteTrax's site and then abandoned it were targeted with a message that promoted their brand awareness and influenced them to return. This approach combined with creative designs that stood out and optimization that kept the campaign performing at its peak resulted in a spike in site traffic and requests for quotes.

Aside from the successful performance of the targeted campaign, LiteTrax also benefited from MultiView’s campaign management team who worked hand in hand with LiteTrax to create compelling creative that fueled engagement. MultiView’s data analysts also provided insights into their audience to help LiteTrax fully understand their buyers and how they behave online.

"We strongly endorse MultiView and are very pleased with the results, the professional nature of our relationship and our increase in our product recognition."

- Mel Reeves, LiteTrax

Targeting Types

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting leverages multiple tactics that reach your target audience after they search for your types of products and services, read content related to your industry and evaluate your competitors.

Site Retargeting

Site retargeting helps you stay top-of-mind with interested prospects after they leave your site by showing ads reminding them to come back and take action.

Results of 365-day campaign

LiteTrax achieved real results with their campaign including:

  • LiteTrax achieved real results with their campaign including:
  • Over .17% click-through rate
  • Over 2,200+ campaign actions
  • 25% increase in site traffic
  • 50% increase in requests for quotes