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RILA wanted to offer members a valuable benefit it didn’t have the internal resources to produce.


RILA teamed up with MultiView to produce the RILA Retail Marketplace, an online directory that serves as a one-stop resource for retailers and suppliers who need to find industry specific products and information.

The buyers guide currently boasts more than 5,600 listings. It uses powerful search engine technology that continually indexes the content of participating supplier websites. Users have the option of performing category-specific searches or keyword driven searches that mirror traditional search engines. Both methods produce the most relevant results on the web because they’re pulled from a narrow niche of suppliers.

The successful partnership with MultiView has also grown to include additional member features like “The Week in Retail,” a weekly digital newsletter sent to members that serves as another source of non-dues revenue and a vehicle to help connect suppliers and RILA members to each other.

“MultiView was able to show us where we could earn strong revenue streams while providing either new services or revamping current ones. They have made it as easy as possible for us to generate non-dues revenue,” said Suzie Squier, Sr. VP Membership & Marketing at RILA.

RILA additionally works with MultiView to place advertising on its website while taking advantage of MultiView’s Association Website Retargeting, which uses programmatic technology to allow advertisers to show their messages to visitors on their favorite sites after leaving the RILA homepage.

“The team at MultiView has always been extremely easy to work with,” said Squier. “They just make it as easy as possible for us to work with them. In addition, they come out with new products that enhance our service offerings.”

“The buyers guide is a product that we would not be able to offer our members on our own. It’s professionally done and allows us the opportunity to offer another service to our members with
no internal labor costs – and we generate strong income from it.”

Suzie Squier, Sr. VP Membership & Marketing

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The Buyers Guide

MultiView's buyers guide is the ultimate industry search portal that enables members to search for suppliers, seamlessly connecting members and exhibitors with business opportunities. Powered by advanced search technology, we create your digital guide and our inside sales force sells advertising in it to bring your association extra revenue and your members extra value.