Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants


The Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants, SEMPA wanted to increase the value of its membership and turned to MultiView to help do that. SEMPA, which receives association management services from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), wanted to offer its members a valuable benefit similar to what ACEP offers its members. At the time, SEMPA didn’t have a lot of member benefits and to be able to offer them something that was a proven, top-notch benefit, we really wanted to be able to do that for them.” Michelle Parker, SEMPA Executive Director said.


SEMPA joined forces with MultiView to produce a custom news brief, a branded digital newsletter filled with relevant news and content. The SEMPA Weekend Edition annually ranks among the top three member benefits according to member surveys and feedback. “I’ve had people, that when they signed up as a new member, one of the first things they asked is ‘When am I going to start receiving it.’ So we know it’s very popular,” SEMPA Executive Director Michelle Parker said. “Our members don’t have a lot of time and they’re shift workers, so they’re often checking their email at 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning and between seeing patients. They’re able to go into their email, at any point in time, and pull one email up to scroll through the latest news they need. It’s not necessarily information they would have gotten because they don’t have time to go out and get it. It was delivered to them instead of them having to go out and seek it. I think that’s what they find most helpful about it.”

“It [the open rate] remains very high and very steady,” Parker said. “It’s pretty consistent across the board. That to me says the members are very engaging with it and interested in it. I wish all of our communication with our members had the open rates as the brief.”

As the SEMPA member audience has grown and continues to evolve with the emergency medicine landscape, MultiView’s news brief has adapted to remain relevant and valuable to readers.“ Since we started this relationship, the role of emergency medicine PAs has evolved significantly. It used to be that emergency medicine PAs might only be in the fast-track or seeing lower acuity patients, but over the last few years that has dramatically changed. I communicated that with them and I think MultiVew has done a very good job of reacting to our changing needs and providing that information to the members ...I really like the account executive I work with a lot and her customer service has been great. I also like the quality of articles.” And because improvements like a new mobile responsive design keep the news brief up-to-date with technology, it's adapted well to changes in the digital space and SEMPA's needs. “It has been and continues to be a great relationship,” Parker said. “It’s growing and evolving, which is always a good thing. I think a lot of times in these types of relationships, can become stagnant, where both sides just do the status quo. But MultiView has been willing to hear some of the concerns I’ve had and react to them. That certainly goes a long way and I’m very excited about the future and some of the changes we’re making, and the potential ways we can work together. I’m really looking forward to expanding the relationship and I definitely would recommend it. “MultiView has been receptive to reacting to the needs of our members. We were really able to bulk up what we were sending out. That’s been a significant value and something I really appreciate, that they were willing to include that information and have a better handle on the audience they’re talking to.” – Michelle Parker, SEMPA Executive Director

MultiView brings the relevant news and information to our members, which is extremely helpful for them in keeping up on the most up-to-date information and helps them, in their practice of emergency medicine. So it’s a significant member benefit for them.”

– Michelle Parker, SEMPA Executive Director, SEMPA

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The Ultimate News Brief

Our news brief is the ultimate tool for both engaging your industry and growing your association. Delivered straight to the inboxes of subscribers, the brief helps them stay informed, highlights the value of membership, and positions your association as an authority on what's happening in your industry.

But those aren't the only benefits. Your association gets non-dues revenue from relevant supplier ads placed in the brief that we sell for you. A dedicated editor creates and curates the latest industry content that your subscribers want to read. And we handle everything from production and technology to sales and creative all at no cost to you.

With a news brief, you get value, your members get value and everybody wins.

SEMPA’s success from partnering with MultiView

They achieved the following results

  • Ended the year with over 2,400 readers
  • 26% Increase in subscriber
  • 39.27% Average open rate
  • 6.7% Click through rate