As a signage and signal manufacturer, Signal-Tech sought to gain market share in the railway industry. Signal-Tech needed to generate targeted site traffic, increase email inquiries and boost brand awareness at the 2015 Railway Interchange Conference. The company's overall goal was to increase market share in the railway industry.


Using MultiView's targeted campaign, Signal-Tech reached a highly defined audience of potential customers, boosting their brand and increasing engagement with attendees at a major industry event.

The campaign leveraged a combination of behavioral targeting and geo-fencing techniques to pinpoint railway industry professionals. Behavioral targeting was used in the month leading up to the Railway Interchange Conference, reaching prospects who demonstrated online behaviors related to Signal-Tech's products and services. Geo-fencing was used during the dates of the conference to reach the 9,000 attendees via display ads on their mobile devices [in app and in browser] while they were present at the convention center and designated hotels.

To ensure a good user experience, the ads directed the audience to a custom-built, mobile-optimized landing page that promoted Signal-Tech's products and their booth number at the conference. Using this holistic approach the campaign succeeded in reaching the right audience of decision-makers with the right message and resulted in increased attendance and engagement at the Signal-Tech booth.

"MultiView's Targeted Campaign significantly improved our brand awareness at the tradeshow this year. We saw an increase in the number of conference attendees at our booth as well as web traffic that coincided with the show. It definitely reached the right person with the right message at the right time."

- Deborah Ross, Director of Marketing, Signal-Tech

Targeting Types

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting leverages multiple tactics that reach your target audience after they search for your types of products and services, read content related to your industry and evaluate your competitors.


Geo-fencing targets prospects who are physically at a specified location through their mobile devices. We use this to target trade show attendees with your ads, creating awareness for your company and products and driving traffic to your booth during the show

Results of 30-day campaign

Signal-Tech exceeded their goals with MultiView's targeted campaign, achieving the following:

  • 167k impressions to a highly-targeted audience
  • .42% click-through rate
  • 446 website visits
  • 11 email inquiries seeking a quote