As an innovator in the data and business solutions space, SkyFoundry needed to raise awareness of their company and offerings beyond the mailing lists and conventional activities they had been doing. SkyFoundry’s prospective buyers consisted of facility owners and operators, energy managers, sustainability professionals and specialty engineering firms involved in energy efficiency. Their overall goal was to target these highly defined audiences with creative messaging in order to increase traffic to their site and inquiries about their new product.


Using MultiView’s programmatic targeting solution, SkyFoundry was able to reach their audiences in a cost-effective way and with greater reach than their traditional marketing efforts. The campaign was specifically designed to drive awareness of their technology and bring prospective buyers to their site.

The campaign used a combination of site retargeting and behavioral targeting techniques that included search retargeting, contextual retargeting and competitor conquesting to pinpoint facility owners and operators, energy managers, sustainability professionals and specialty engineering firms. These targeting strategies were used throughout the life of the campaign along with creative and data optimization to reach prospective buyers that demonstrated online behaviors related to SkyFoundry’s offerings.

Additionally, SkyFoundry found that MultiView’s team of experts provided value throughout the campaign by educating them on the types of targeting strategies available through digital advertising and providing insightful reporting that helped them understand how the program was reaching their audiences in particular markets and regions. By using a multi-tactic targeting strategy, MultiView was able to help SkyFoundry reach their highly defined audiences and in the process, taught them how to use behavioral targeting while lifting and supporting all of their marketing efforts.

“MultiView has helped us reach our target audiences with far less effort on our part and greater reach. It drives awareness of our technology. It drives potential customers to our site. It increases brand awareness. It creates actionable leads.”

John Petze, Co-Founder & COO, SkyFoundry

Targeting Types

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting leverages multiple tactics that reach your target audience after they search for your types of products and services, read content related to your industry and evaluate your competitors.

Site Retargeting

Site retargeting helps you stay top-of-mind with interested prospects after they leave your site by showing ads reminding them to come back and take action.

Results of 180-day campaign

SkyFoundry exceeded their goals with MultiView’s targeted campaign , achieving the following:

  • Over 300,000 impressions to a highly targeted audience
  • Over 100 campaign actions
  • Overall increase in brand awareness and actionable leads