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Multiview’s 1st party proprietary data on 10 million B2B buyers across 30 industries makes it easy to find and target specific decision-makers and occupations. Using a variety of digital marketing tactics aimed at this pool of professionals, you can generate more leads and awareness for your clients.


Digital marketing services

Explore our digital marketing services. We will work with you to develop a custom media plan to reach your target audience using these proven tactics.
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Email marketing

Multiview's email newsletters and eblasts to professional and trade association members receive higher engagement than most email marketing campaigns. Open rates on these publications are more than two times the industry average because recipients opt-in to receive these communications and actively engage with the custom content.

Every monthly Multiview sends 26 million emails with a 90% deliverability rate and 42% average open rate.

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Direct placement

Multiview's exclusive partnerships with more than 1,200 industry and trade associations offer B2B marketers thousands of unique direct placement advertising opportunities to reach specific audiences.

Association websites are trusted sources for industry news and information that your clients rely on and read regularly. When you advertise directly on association websites, you reach important decision makers in your target market and enhance your brands reputation thanks to the affinity web visitors have for their association

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Data activation

Leverage your first party data with account-based marketing. ABM allows your business to serve highly-targeted ads to clients and prospects in your CRM. Segmented by online behavior, offline interactions with your company, past purchases, and other data you've collected, these ads deliver impactful and relevant messages to clients and prospects in various phases of the buyer's journey.

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Audience extension retargeting

Continue to reach association website visitors even after they leave the association's website. This type of digital advertising keeps your company top of mind as website visitors browse the web and their favorite social media platforms.

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Social media

With help from Multiview's digital experts, you can target customers and prospects on the social platforms they use the most. Leveraging our data on millions of professionals and your CRM data, Multiview will build custom audience segments so your business can serve relevant ads to prospects and customers in various stages of the buyer's journey. We take the guesswork out of your advertising strategy and ensure you maximize the return on your investment.

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PPC / Paid search

Be sure prospective buyers can find your client's brand when they search online with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in form of PPC Paid Search Advertising. With PPC, Multiview can position your client's company at or near the top of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo search results for relevant keyword searches specific to your products and services. 

We will develop a complete keyword strategy and compelling text ads to help connect your client with buyers at key moments throughout their buying journey. 

Experience the Multiview Difference

Budget Efficiency

By leveraging our more than 1,200 association partnerships and digital publications we place your advertisement in the right place at the right time and in front of the right audience. No more spending to reach buyers outside of your target audience. 

Credible Publications

B2B professionals opt-in MultiView publications which means ads appear in credible publications with high readership and engagement 

Brand Safety

Keep your client's brand safe by advertising only on a custom curated whitelist for retargeting ads.

Service Commitment

We work with you to create a custom media plan to reach your targeted audience. You receive a dedicated Account Manager who will provide regular reporting, optimizations and recommendations. In addition, our free, no-limit Creative Services can be used to build your campaigns. 


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