Marketing Tech: 3-Point Inspection Guide

Does your association have the right digital marketing tools to be successful long-term, or is it time to tune up your marketing tech?

Associations run on all cylinders to keep up with current trends and member needs. The shift to digital communications, events and benefits has met the immediate demand, but is it sustainable for the long-term?

In this guide, you’ll get a breakdown of marketing tech and why your association needs it to run efficiently and effectively as well as recommendations for top tech tools leading associations are using to attract members, personalized communication options, and digital strategies that will outperform your competition.

What's Inside

  • Identify and define the basics of Marketing Tech 101
  • Learn tips or takeaways prior to choosing and working with a digital marketing partner
  • Evaluate your marketing strategy and plans with a digital marketing assessment
  • Discover top marketing tech tools to empower associations to engage, attract and maintain members

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