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Attract new members and sell products with digital advertising

Targeted digital advertising campaigns can be used to recruit members, sell more conference registrations, promote educational offerings and more.



Digital advertising for your association

Stay ahead of the competition and grow your association’s membership by implementing advanced digital advertising strategies and technologies. Multiview’s team of digital marketing experts help over 1,200 associations achieve their goals every year through targeted digital advertising campaigns. See how we can help your association too.


Full-service Advertising

We offer full-service support to associations to ensure the success of your advertising campaigns. Our team of digital advertising experts are IAB certified and committed to providing ongoing strategic insights and optimizations for your campaigns.


Website Retargeting

Most prospective members don’t convert on their first visit to your website, but website retargeting ads make sure your association stays top-of-mind even after visitors click away. Retargeting ads are displayed to previous website visitors as they surf the web, inviting them to learn more about your association and to return to your website.


Persona Targeting

Want to attract new members to your association? Using a profile of your ideal member, Multiview can search the web for similar individuals and display ads for your association as they browse their favorite websites and social media. This targeted form of advertising ensures your marketing dollars are spent efficiently and generate the best return on your investment.


Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting leverages current data about your potential members’ online activity — like certification searches, content consumed, and competitor research — to find users who have already shown interest in your solutions and target them with your ads.


Social Media Targeting

The advanced audience-targeting techniques Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram use in their advertising efforts, coupled with Multiview’s proprietary data and expertise, allows Multiview to find the industry professionals you are looking for and place your association’s message in their personal social feeds.



Whether it's your association’s tradeshow, or another industry event, geo-targeting allows you serve ads to industry professionals within a certain radius of the event venue.


Sector Targeting

Prospective members browse the Internet on a multitude of sites, constantly ingesting content that is relevant to them. Sector Targeting allows you to put your association’s advertisements in front of prospects on those targeted industry sites.



Over 5.6 billion searches are performed each day. Is your association appearing at the top of search results for your target audience? If not, PPC ads can get your association in front of prospective members when they search online for industry resources. With PPC, Multiview can position your association at or near the top of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo search results for relevant keyword searches specific to your industry and services. 

We’re here to support you

When you succeed, we succeed as well.  That’s why our dedicated team of experts will work directly with you to craft a digital media strategy that will best serve your association. By working with hundreds of associations each and every day, we are familiar with the trends affecting each industry and can recommend an appropriate strategy for your association.

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Experience the Multiview Difference


Google Premier Partner

Multiview is a Google Premier Partner; the highest level an agency can achieve in Google’s Partner program. In addition, Multiview is proud to partner with Microsoft Advertising (the merger of Bing & Yahoo). These strategic partnerships and certifications allow us to expertly place ads for your association across today’s leading digital platforms.

Reputation Protection

Keep your association’s reputation safe by only delivering content that aligns with your mission and stance on important issues affecting your industry. We give you full editorial control so you can rest easy knowing your publications will be held to your standards.

Strategic Consultation and Reporting

We’re passionate about the success of your association because when you succeed, so do we. When you work with Multiview, you’ll receive a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you every step of the way providing metrics, optimizations and strategic recommendations on an ongoing basis.  Plus, you’ll receive access to a real-time reporting dashboard so you can view engagement rates and revenue earned.

Creative Services

Need help designing your communications or publications? We’re happy to help. Take advantage of our free creative services and our talented designers will create custom graphics that will impress your members and elevate your association’s reputation.


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Success Stories

See how associations are finding success with Multiview’s digital publishing solutions and targeted advertising tactics.

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Report: 2021 Digital Marketing Trends & Opportunities

With the modern challenges, our professional and trade associations have experienced, we must look for innovative and executable ways to foster member engagement and fuel revenue. Multiview’s Association Digital Marketing Trends & Opportunities eBook can help refocus your association’s strategies and provide insight into relevant marketing tactics. Included in the eBook are new market opportunities for associations to seize in 2021 and new digital strategies to increase member recruitment, retention and engagement. This resource also reviews results from our annual Association Leadership Digital Marketing Survey as well as macro trends affecting digital media as a whole.