A cookie-less approach to targeted advertising

Wondering how to reach your target audience in a cookie-less world? Contextual advertising offers a safe alternative to 3rd party cookies and is proven to have a greater impact on ad effectiveness than audience or channel data. With contextual advertising added to your marketing mix, you can achieve sweet results.



Contextual advertising put into context

Contextual advertising differs from behavioral targeting in that it depends on the relevancy of a web page's content for an ad to display instead of search and browsing data collected by cookies. It's about an environment fit defined by select keywords and topics of content. As depicted in the graphic below, whether a web visitor is reading an article on leadership development or viewing a web page about the global financial markets, the ads displayed on the page will correlate to the content the visitor is viewing at that time.



Relevance delivers sweet results


Higher CTR


Increased viewability


Cost reduction

Solutions to reach your target audience

Multiview serves as a resource for first-party data on over 10 million B2B professionals and offers advertising access to an extensive network of reputable association publications that span 30 industries. Explore these exclusive advertising opportunities to connect with your target audience.
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Newsletters & Eblasts

Engage buyers through Multiview’s digital association publications.

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Website Advertising

Place ads on association websites that are frequented by target audience.

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Buyer's Guides

Reach your target audience when they're researching products and services.

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Audience Targeting Through Contextual Advertising

As you prepare for a cookie-less world, contextual advertising will be the solution to reaching your target audience online.

By placing your ad alongside good-quality industry content, you receive the benefits of safe compliant delivery, impactful advertising that is relevant and timely, and higher engagement and conversions that result in greater return on investment (ROI).

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Multiview is here to help

Multiview connects brands to their target audiences through digital media. As a leading digital publisher and marketing company for more than 20 years, Multiview helps over 1,200 associations and 11,000 businesses find and connect with millions of professionals every day. By leveraging our first-party data on 10 million B2B professionals across 30 industries, we deliver targeted advertisements to unique market segments thereby helping brands to maximize their advertising budgets and achieve their growth goals. Connect with us to learn more.