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Extend your brand reach, connect directly with your target audience and spark live interactions with social media advertising. 



Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an ever-growing and effective way to acquire new customers and extend brand exposure. That's why 83% of B2B marketers use social media advertising to promote their brand.

While social media advertising can help your business gain brand awareness and make quality connections, it requires a strategy that goes beyond just boosting your organic posts. 

With help from Multiview’s digital experts, you can target customers and prospects on the platforms they use the most. Leveraging our data on millions of professionals and your CRM data, Multiview will build custom audience segments so your business can serve relevant ads to prospects and customers in various stages of the buyer’s journey. We take the guesswork out of your advertising strategy and ensure you maximize the return on your investment.



LinkedIn operates the world’s largest online professional network, with more than 760 million members in 200 countries, and it continues to grow. So, it comes as no surprise that 60% of B2B companies use LinkedIn ads to acquire customers.



Facebook and Instagram

Targeting decision makers and finding large advertising segments is a breeze with Facebook’s massive pool of 1.13 billion daily active users and Instagram’s 500 million users. Since 62% of B2B decision makers are on Facebook and Instagram, this platform is an important one to include in your marketing plan.




Boasting 30 million daily users and a powerful video search function, YouTube is a prime platform for B2B marketers to showcase new products, product demos and product comparisons.


Experience the Multiview Difference


Budget Efficiency

By leveraging Multiview’s more than 1,200 association partnerships and digital publications your advertisement will appear in the right place, at the right time and in front of the right audience.  No more spending to reach buyers outside of your target audience. We make every marketing dollar count.

Credible Publications

B2B professionals opt-into Multiview publications which means your ads appear in credible publications with high readership and engagement.  Plus, Multiview industry newsletter average open rates are twice the industry average.

Google Premier Partner

Multiview is a Google Premier Partner; the highest level an agency can achieve in Google’s Partner program. In addition, Multiview is proud to partner with Microsoft Advertising (the merger of Bing & Yahoo). These cross-platform partnerships allow us to optimize your budget to maximize clicks and on-site actions.

Brand Safety

Keep your brand safe by advertising only on association publications and a custom curated whitelist. You can rest easy knowing your ads won’t appear on sites that could be damaging to your brand.

Strategic Consultation and Reporting

We’re passionate about the success of your business because when you succeed, so do we. When you work with Multiview you’ll receive a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you every step of the way providing metrics, campaign optimizations and strategic recommendations on a monthly basis.  You’ll also have an entire team of data experts analyzing and optimizing your campaigns to ensure success.

Creative Services

Need help designing your advertisements? We’re happy to help. Take advantage of our free creative services that are included with the purchase of any advertising campaign and our talented designers will create ads that will impress your audience and elevate your brand.


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Looking to reach a specific audience? As the largest digital publisher for professional and trade associations in the United States, Multiview provides advertising access to 10 million buyers across 30 industries. Explore our proprietary 1st party data and discover the advertising possibilities for your business across a variety of association publications.

Digital Marketing Success Stories

See how businesses are finding success with Multiview’s targeted digital advertising opportunities and tactics. Read how our clients are generating leads, website traffic and brand equity in these case studies.



Casella Inc. uses programmatic advertising to increase website traffic by 50%



How Doctors Supplement Store increased pageviews
by 110%



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Guide to Getting Started in Digital B2B Marketing

You know your business needs marketing. Without it, potential customers won’t know you exist. They won’t know you have a product or service that will benefit them. Every business needs a consistent flow of new leads. They’re the oxygen that keeps your business breathing. And it’s marketing that supplies this oxygen. Marketing cultivates brand awareness. It nurtures prospects. And, ideally, marketing fosters those prospects into loyal, longtime customers. But understanding the need for marketing is separate from understanding how to market.