Building Brand Awareness Online


March 12, 2021

Jon Smith

Jon Smith VP, Canada Sales

When it comes to digital marketing, brand awareness is everything. And no, that’s not a trite, semi-cliche statement. It may read as coachspeak, but any good marketer will admit it doesn’t process as such.

Simply put, when your brand is the gold standard (or platinum if you choose to shoot for higher status), it becomes what is known as a “proprietary eponym” — two fancy words for “the replacement of a generic trademark.” During the hot summer months, some people ask for a soda; others ask for a Coke. If you scrape your knee, are you asking for a bandage or a Band-Aid?

With brand awareness, the goal is to have buyers and consumers as familiar with your product as possible. Building awareness online isn’t elementary; if it was, every company would be popular.

Visibility is important, as is identity and creativity. But when discussing brand awareness, there are three major things companies must focus on to establish the superior brand.

Know your audience

Marketing can become all about what your company wants, but let’s never forget that successful marketing must be about what your audience wants.

You must understand your audience and, in return, have that audience comfortable with the product you’re selling. Winning over your target audience will spill over to attracting new audiences, which results in growth — and growth can become exponential if you give your audience what it truly wants.

Win with words

We’ve all heard the expression “content is king,” and this is 100% factual when building a brand — especially via digital marketing.

Having solid content to explain your brand can be the difference in having a bad presentation versus having a good presentation — and also having a good presentation versus having an extraordinary presentation. It all goes back to knowing your audience. Eloquence attracts the articulate. Brevity immediately catches the attention of those with short attention spans. Honesty builds trust.

Content writing can be your best bait in the proverbial fishing outing that is marketing.

Never settle

There will be times when you completely bomb on a marketing idea. And then, there are times where you will absolutely hit the jackpot with an idea.

The common denominator with both is that you can’t rest on either. A bad idea has to become a good one. A good idea has to become a better one. This is where continuous creativity must come into play.

Outshining your competition means keeping a variety of ideas on deck. Multiple strategies have to be ready for action at all times. With digital marketing, concepts change frequently. What worked two months ago may not work today. With COVID-19, what worked six months ago may not work today.

When we discuss brand awareness, it’s imperative that companies take the correct steps to avoid the mistakes of the past, while keeping away from the mistakes of the present.

Boosting brand awareness was never designed to be a cake walk, but that’s what makes the best brands work so well. The tedious work that goes with building a successful brand can reap the benefits. It’s vital for companies to view the process as a marathon and not a sprint.

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