Get Your Digital Transformation Out of Neutral During COVID-19


April 13, 2020

Digital transformation: Using the rapidly changing, constantly evolving methods of technology to not only resolve issues but stay ahead of the daily curve. It’s all about adapting and adjusting to the environment around you.

The concept of digital transformation continues to move the needle — and in business, brands are either focused on the changes or left completely behind by competitors. As weird as it is to say, there doesn’t seem to be a gray area.

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) now a global phenomenon, digital transformation has taken on a new battle — a battle that many, simply, weren’t prepared for. Working from home is a priority for many workers considered “nonessential.” Educators who once were considered the best in-person orators have been forced to become online professors. Even doctors, who are considered “essential” workers, are suggesting telemedicine conversation to complete routine physicals.

Telecommuting, teleconferencing and saving meetings to the cloud is the “new normal.” Whether or not we return to the “old normal” soon is still to be determined — but with COVID-19 still present, businesses must do different things now to return to normalcy later … if that makes sense.

There are those companies who were so ahead of schedule with digital transformation that COVID-19 wasn’t a factor — and hasn’t been a factor — in how a daily work routine changed. But there are those who are still working to adjust to a drastic schedule change — in many facets — because of a pandemic no one truly knows how long will last.

Most companies are aware that digital transformation involves much more than leadership skills and basic technology. And while the importance of digital transformation seems apparent, some are overwhelmed with the sudden changes that COVID-19 have forced to everyday lifestyles.

For digital transformation to trend upward, consider these three things all businesses must focus on:

We always hear the phrase “being in one accord.” There’s nothing like having a group of individuals react and respond in the same unity of purpose, especially in a business setting.

A surefire way to make sure this happens is to have everyone cooperating effectively. From the high-end managers to the lowest on the proverbial totem pole, everyone has to be willing to do all for the good of the company.

In an article by Emotive Brand, the challenge of getting everyone, top to bottom, on board could be the deciding factor in ultimate success and total chaos.

“It’s important to remember that even the strongest digital strategy will fail if your people are not willing to embrace it,” the article said.

What was done 10 years ago cannot be completely relied to be the end-all be-all for what is done now. To be honest, what was done last year can’t be relied for success.

Successful companies must make sure they have the proper technological products and services. Know and cater to your audience by using the necessary products that will assist with speed, data security and reliability that will not only impress your target audience but also improve your brand.

Per a recent Forbes article, digital transformation “requires a change in thinking about how an organization delivers its products and services, and even the products and services themselves.” The benefits can be astounding.

One Medium article hits the nail on the head: “Transforming yourself is not easy. To transform is to stop working in a number of ways and adopt others, to leave your comfort zone.

“If you do not see that transformation in those who lead your organization, you will not believe it, and it will not work.”

This is a special message to leaders of companies: You must be willing to adjust. An old-school thought process is good, but an old-school mindset directed at attaining new-school goals could be like mixing oil and water.
Leaders must be open to using multiple tactics in order to lead a strong digital transformation process. It’s either that, or get left behind.

Most companies do understand how vital it is to be prepared from a digital transformation perspective, but some don’t realize that it’s an everyday task to stay prepared. The best strategies focus on the future with present-day ideas and build on the present with what was done in the past.

It all works together. And it all can be very impactful — especially during these unprecedented times of business isolation.

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