Why Your Business Should be Active on Social Media


June 8, 2018

Whether or not your business is active on social media, your customers and prospects are. This is a great philosophy to keep in mind as a business. Staying active and up-to-date on social media results in many benefits for your company.

Social media creates brand awareness for your company and generates additional website traffic. Think about it. Social media is your platform to publish and promote your brand’s content – helping your followers see your industry authority. According to Smallbiztrends, “More than 1 in 3 Internet users say they go to social networks when looking for more information about a brand or product.”

Yes, your company’s credibility will increase by using social media. But you must stay active. Post several times a week, giving your followers fresh content. A recent study in Smallbiztrends found that 84 percent of CEOs and VPs use social media to help make purchasing decisions.

Remember, take advantage of social media’s fun environment. Customers and clients love to see your company come to life. B2B companies can utilize social media just like B2C business does. Have some fun, too!

I, and plenty of others enjoy social media personally – including your customers. We scroll through it on a daily basis to get updates and to see what has been going on. Successful companies use humor on their social media to increase brand awareness. A great example of companies who use this tactic is Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Arby’s. Everyone loves to see them battling it out on Twitter about who has the best fast food.

Here are some of the famous “savage” Wendy’s tweets:


So how does your business stay active on social? Check out these tips:

  • Keep your content short and sweet. When people are on social media, they are just scrolling through. So, if you would like to post about your blogs, or other detailed content, just link it into the text.
  • Be casual. This is social media we are talking about, so make sure to keep your content easy to read. Your posts should come off as a more casual conversation, not a formal, business-like one.
  • People love to see statistics. Adding data in your post is adding factual content. Do some research before you post on your media, because research always pays off.
  • Be trendy! Use hashtags, pictures (or gifs) and emoji’s. A lot of businesses will replace a word with an emoji to come off as more casual and friendly. Adding hashtags also creates more traffic.
  • CTAs are important when trying to engage people with your business. You want to make sure the CTA is catchy so people will want to learn more. An example would be, “Watch this!” or “Read more!”
  • Always be engaged with your fans and followers. If a business shouts you out, or if a client writes about you, make sure to reply (Even if a client wrote a complaint).
  • Be sure to check your spelling. Yes, be casual, but make sure your words are not misspelled!
  • Have exciting captions. You want to catch your reader’s or viewer’s attention. Remember, people’s attentions spans are quite short now days.
  • Lastly, keep your social media fun and positive. When customers, clients, or other businesses are looking at your social media, they want to see that the company is always positive and engaged.

Here at Multiview, we are all about connections. So, what are you waiting for? Start taking advantage of social media and getting connected!

Need help with your social media management? Contact Multiview at (972) 402-7070 and let us put together a social media plan for your business.

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