Women in Leadership: Insights from Multiview's Leading Ladies

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March 7, 2024

As we approach International Women's Day, it’s a time to not only celebrate but reflect on the journey of incredible women who have paved the way for future generations. This blog sheds light on a few of Multiview’s female leaders who graciously opened up about their experiences, sharing their insights, wisdom, and advice on navigating the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in leadership. Dive into these inspiring discussions and gather invaluable wisdom from those who have gone before, ensuring the path remains illuminated for others to follow. 


Lessons learned

Throughout a person’s career, they will face challenges. But it’s through these challenges that one can grow and develop into a steadfast leader. Here are some of the lessons our Multiview women have learned along the way:

  • Criticism isn’t personal: Feedback is meant to help improve the company by ensuring everyone meets their full potential. Take constructive criticism as an opportunity to grow rather than internalize it.  
  • New responsibilities are a good thing: If someone else trusts that you can do it, so should you. Believe that you have all the tools and support you need to be successful.  
  • Opportunities lie outside your comfort zone: Even if you don’t feel fully prepared, ask for what you want. If you never try, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.  
  • Delegation is your friend: As women, we often work tirelessly to check off tasks and to-do lists, trying to accomplish everything on our own. Delegating helps make sure everything gets done while preventing burnout.  
  • Grit pays off: When challenges arise, confronting and resolving them equips you with valuable problem-solving skills. This positions you as a steadfast leader, capable of navigating adversity. Your ability to address issues will build trust and respect.  
  • Every role has value: You never know how your current role can play into your next one. Learn as much as you can from each new position because the skills and knowledge could help you be successful in the future.  

Take the risk and speak up or you'll never get the opportunity. Even if you don't think you're ready. - Sarah Sutherland, Senior Director, Partner Relations  

Career growth strategies 

When looking to grow in any career field, it's often necessary to take the initiative and step outside one's comfort zone. This is why career growth involves not just climbing the corporate ladder but also personal development. Our trailblazing women shared their insights and strategies that propelled them to their current positions, offering a blueprint for aspiring leaders. A common thread among their stories was the emphasis on hard work. But hard work is just the beginning. 

  • Seize opportunities: Actively look for and take advantage of opportunities that come your way, even if they seem daunting or outside your comfort zone. This could mean taking on new projects, volunteering for cross-functional teams, or stepping into roles that stretch your capabilities. 
  • Be flexible: The ability to adapt to changes and pivot when necessary is crucial in leadership. Flexibility can mean being open to changing paths or approaches based on new information or shifting priorities. 
  • Be proactive: Demonstrate your value and capabilities through your actions and results, rather than just words. This involves taking initiative, delivering on commitments, and going above and beyond in your role. 
  • Think outside the box: Encourage creativity and innovation by thinking differently and challenging the status quo. This could involve finding new solutions to old problems, proposing innovative projects, or approaching tasks in unconventional ways. 
  • Invest in your personal & professional growth: Continuous self-improvement is key. This can include pursuing further education, attending workshops and seminars, seeking mentorship, and developing new skills relevant to your career goals. 
  • Build relationships: Cultivate a strong network of contacts within and outside your organization. Relationships can provide support, open doors to new opportunities, and offer valuable insights and advice. 
  • Ask questions: Demonstrate curiosity and a desire to learn by asking thoughtful questions. This shows engagement and eagerness to understand more deeply, which can lead to richer insights and knowledge. 
  • Have a positive mindset: A positive attitude can significantly impact your approach to challenges and setbacks. Viewing difficulties as opportunities for growth rather than insurmountable obstacles can be empowering and motivating. 
  • Never stop learning: Embrace a mindset of lifelong learning. Stay updated with industry trends, new technologies, and best practices. Continuous learning ensures you remain relevant and competitive in your field. 

Getting a leadership role isn’t always about who you know, but it certainly helps when other leaders know who you are and what you’re capable of. - Maria Brockman, Director of Marketing  

Overcoming challenges and barriers 

Women on the leadership track often grapple with various challenges, from juggling career ambitions and familial duties to battling self-doubt and societal stereotypes that label them as emotional. Many feel isolated without a supportive network, increasing feelings of imposter syndrome and questioning their leadership potential. However, leadership is not a distant dream reserved for a select few. By employing strategic approaches to personal and professional growth, women can navigate through these barriers, transforming thoughts of inadequacy into steppingstones towards confident leadership: 

  • Ask for opportunities: Don't wait for chances to come your way. Be proactive in seeking out leadership roles and projects. Keep an eye out for chances to prove yourself, even if they're outside your current scope. 
  • It’s okay to say “no”: Setting boundaries is crucial to achieving balance. Don't hesitate to decline additional tasks if they're beyond your current capacity. It's better to excel in a few areas than to spread yourself too thin. 
  • Don’t compare: Your journey is uniquely yours. Focus on your path and progress rather than measuring yourself against others. 
  • Act the part: Demonstrate your leadership capabilities before formally stepping into a role. This approach not only builds your confidence but also helps you and others realize your potential. 
  • Play to your strengths: Don't try to mimic male leadership styles. Identify what you're good at and harness those skills. Leadership isn't a one-size-fits-all; your unique strengths are your advantages. 
  • Trust yourself: Believe in your ability to lead and make decisions. Confidence starts from within. 
  • Find your cheerleaders: Who you invest in matters just as much as what you invest in. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage and support you. A strong support system can be a game-changer.

Play to your strengths, be authentic, and don't attempt to mimic male leadership styles. Embrace your authenticity as your power.

- Theodora Issaris, Director, Sales

Advice for future female leaders 

 The women of Multiview shared a wealth of advice for those aspiring to lead, emphasizing the importance of hard work, self-advocacy, and authenticity. However, amidst the myriad pieces of advice, one resounding message stood out time and time again: believe in yourself. This sentiment, echoed by all the women interviewed, serves as a powerful reminder that at the core of effective leadership lies unwavering self-confidence. It's not merely about trusting your capabilities but also embracing your journey and recognizing your potential to inspire and make a significant impact. As future female leaders come forward, let "believe in yourself" be the mantra that guides you toward achieving your fullest potential and making a mark.  

Don’t sacrifice who you are just to get to where you want to be. Believe in yourself and be confident in your personality. Trust that you know what you’re doing just as much as anyone else. - Jessica Lee, Senior Director, Sales


A special thank you to the women who shared their stories and insights. Their journeys remind us that leadership is a continuous process of self-discovery, growth, and resilience. May we be reminded to carry forward their wisdom and courage as we strive to raise up even more confident and empowered female leaders. Here's to every woman daring to lead!  


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