Casella Inc. uses programmatic advertising to increase website traffic by 50%

One-year campaign produced a .33% CTR.


The Challenge

Casella wanted to increase brand awareness among key target markets, but was having difficulty driving its niche audience in the US and UK to its website. This defined audience included industrial hygienists, safety managers, safety engineers and other hygiene and engineering professionals.

The Solution

Casella worked with Multiview to develop a campaign that utilized:

  • Behavioral targeting to target users that exhibited specific buying behaviors for Casella’s offerings.
  • Site retargeting to target users who had already been to the Casella website.

"Our Account Manager has shown an immense grasp of our unique needs and has guided the creative team to bring about excellent results. His willingness to listen to and act appropriately on our story and to quickly grasp the unique value proposition of our company, people and products is very much appreciated."

The Results

The 12-month campaign gave Casella an increase in site lift, as well as:

  • A 50% increase in overall website traffic
  • More than 3,300 clicks
  • .33% click-through rate
  • Increase in targeted brand awareness

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