e-ImageData puts content at the core of its marketing

Targeted distribution maximizes impact of the content.


The Challenge

Competitors were already using digital marketing to get in front of potential customers, so e-ImageData needed to counter with an effective online presence of its own. Like many businesses, e-ImageData was using its website and blog to position itself as an industry expert, but its social channels just weren’t pushing out enough content. e-ImageData needed to reach a select group of library directors, genealogists, archivists, and information and records managers.

The Solution

e-ImageData worked with Multiview to devise a strategy that placed content at the core, and then identified channels to push the content to its highly targeted market. The strategy included a combination of:

  • Email newsletters and blasts
  • Paid search marketing
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Social media management

“Multiview is ultimately a one-stop shop for us. Every time I say, ‘I wish you guys could do this,’ they say they can, and I feel like I’ve won the lottery! I love their can-do attitude and their willingness to go above and beyond for us.” - Kaycee Jaeger, Marketing Director, e-ImageData

The Results

"Our email newsletters and social media are providing consistent information to our followers, prospective customers and existing customers, and has been a vital part of our entire program,” Kaycee Jaeger, Marketing Director at e-ImageData said. The email blasts produce an average open rate of 34.6%. Additionally, the paid search efforts boast an impressive 6.93% CTR. “Every one of the campaigns we are doing with Multiview is getting positive results,” Jaeger said. “With Google Ads, we almost consistently are the obvious choice when people search for anything related to microfilm scanners. All of these programs have increased traffic to our website, built brand recognition and given us a better presence online, driving sales for our company.”

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