Paid search earns 150% ROI on annual budget within 1 month!

Enercare matches the previous year's revenue with one sale at the first of the year.

Paid search earns 150% ROI on annual budget within 1 month

The Challenge

Despite having a well-known brand, Enercare didn’t have the strongest online position compared to its competitors, specifically for its commercial services. With the majority of the company’s leads generated online, it was essential for Enercare to be in the right places digitally. However, their B2B division lacked competitive insights and did not have a clear picture of how to get ahead, causing them to lose opportunities.

The Solution

Needing to be strategic, Monica Worth, Enercare’s Commercial Marketing Manager, took a deep dive into the company’s marketing efforts. After looking at the data, she found that paid search campaigns run by Multiview consistently delivered the best ROI. Having only worked with Multiview for seasonal association and programmatic campaigns, she decided to dedicate more resources to this channel.

Together, with Multiview’s Client Success team, they devised a keyword strategy that positioned Enercare to surpass its competitors and helped streamline the customer journey from lead conversion to close. In addition, Enercare has run small regional campaigns for some of its corporate partners, which allows them to expand their vendor relations and grow their business.

“Multiview really quarterbacks by providing me with the right information to make sure we’re doing the right things for lead generation.”

Monica Worth, Commercial Marketing Manager

The Results

Since enhancing its paid search strategy, Enercare has more than doubled their B2B new business revenue year over year. In January of 2023, one sale from a digital lead nearly matched the company’s new business revenue from the entire previous year.

With the insights Multiview provides, Enercare has better visibility of their competitors, understands how they are performing in comparison, and makes informed decisions in real-time to adjust strategies and stay competitive.

As a testament to the hard work and effectiveness of Enercare and Multiview, these campaigns not only outperform industry benchmarks with a 4.27% CTR but the marketing campaigns run by Enercare’s B2C division as well.

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