Epic-Premier Insurance Solutions reaches its highly niche audience

Right person, right message, right time equals conversion and leads.


The Challenge

A major challenge for Epic-Premier was reaching its target market, primarily because it represents such a small portion of the insurance industry. “There are very limited advertising avenues that reach out to our niche group of prospects versus the other more prevalent insurance companies,” explained Mike Cross, Senior Business Development Manager at Epic-Premier. “We needed the ability to get a very defined marketing message to a very defined targeted audience.”

The Solution

Epic-Premier decided to team up with B2B marketing specialists Multiview to implement a programmatic display campaign that was comprised of five different tactics:

  • Persona targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Site retargeting
  • Event targeting
  • Company targeting

"Multiview has provided the ability to target our niche prospect base better than any other advertising outlet, resulting in increased traffic flow to our website along with increased contact requests."

The Results

Over the first year of the campaign Epic-Premier saw notable success with its efforts, demonstrated by an increase in the number of prospects submitting “contact us” requests. The event targeting also resulted in more than 80 clicks across two industry events and subsequent follow-up impressions.

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