IDERA strengthens its content and analytic capabilities

IDERA removes the burden of producing content while gaining insight into website visitors.


The Challenge

IDERA was struggling to produce useful educational content. “We have a lot of technical content but it’s often difficult to turn that into a compelling story,” Crystal Berry, Marketing Director at IDERA, said. “Those who can do so are often very hard to find and expensive.”

IDERA also needed to reach new vendors to partner with for marketing and selling its products, and wanted to receive more insight into who was visiting its website and converting from content and search marketing efforts.

The Solution

IDERA partnered with Multiview to address both its content struggles and to help reach new partner vendors. The tactics would include:

  • Content creation services
  • Paid search marketing (SEM)
  • Association news brief advertising (to target its niche audience)
  • Visitor View (for visibility into website traffic)
"By getting help with content our time has been freed up to focus on other channels to drive leads for our sales teams."

The Results

IDERA was able to integrate the content with its other marketing initiatives and then use Visitor View to analyze the traffic those efforts brought to its website.

“Multiview helped us generate new content faster and easier, which helps with our SEO efforts and content downloads from the website. Our SEO has been improving and keyword rankings increased, and by using Visitor View, we were able to see the companies who visited our site,” Berry said.

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