Premier Healthcare Professionals adds video to ignite its programmatic advertising

Video ads produced almost 5X the number of clicks as static ads.


The Challenge

In order to satisfy obligations to its client base, Premier must have a consistent supply of nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide and place. That requires brand awareness and brand affinity in the marketplace, so that nurses and other qualified professionals choose Premier as their staffing/placement agency.

The Solution

Premier opted to take a programmatic approach to its brand awareness campaign, starting with display advertising across a highly targeted audience of nurses throughout the United States. In September 2019, Premier added video to its programmatic campaign.

The Results

The static display ads produced a respectable .05% CTR, but where the campaign really outshined was in the performance of the video advertising, which posted a .24% CTR. That's a 5x increase! Furthermore, direct traffic from the campaign averaged about 6% of all Premier’s unique website pageviews, including 11.4% of all unique homepage views (16.7% of all homepage views).

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