Solus Décor targets geographic areas for higher conversion rate during seasonal demands

Multiview campaign turns up the flame on quality leads for Solus Décor.


The Challenge

Solus Décor was also looking to gain visibility of brand and increase sales across search engines, deliver highly qualified leads while minimizing CPC, take advantage of the burgeoning mobile user base for consumer searches and drill down marketing campaigns into regional targets that shift by season.

The Solution

The goal was to re-establish Solus Décor’s online footprint through Google AdWords while exploring how to better engage new target demographics. After establishing their campaign goals, Multiview created more precise targeting by maximizing geography-based advertising that shifted with the seasons. The resulting AdWords campaigns proved the highest conversion rates in the history of Solus Décor.

Consumers spend more time using the web on their smartphones than ever before, especially in the advent of voice-activated home interfaces and growing data networks. That means that the search for products often takes places away from the computer keyboard. With this rapid marketplace shift, Solus Décor wanted to create a more targeted campaign that could take advantage of this specific user group. Multiview understood this and engaged the previously untapped mobile user market, achieving a 45% higher CTR than from desktop.

"When we saw the reach of Solus Décor’s customer base, we knew there was an opportunity to have more efficient campaigns based on geography. As different locations have different seasonal needs, it made sense to individualize and update based on that. The results speak for themselves."

The Results

Since entrusting Multiview with their Google AdWords strategy, Solus Décor has seen new
levels of success in online marketing. With more efficient keyword targeting, Solus Décor regained visibility in search results, all while minimizing budget. Multiview went even further, establishing regional and seasonal campaigns for Solus Décor’s international presence. The result is a campaign that truly delivers results, so much so that Solus Décor continues to increase their budget and is excited about the future potential.

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