Regional campaign increases monthly sales for Wholesale Truck & Finance by $500,000

Multiview executes ad campaign aimed to increase revenues


The Challenge

Wholesale Truck & Finance engaged Multiview, a leader in B2B digital marketing, to help them gain brand awareness among self-employed trucking owners/operators and compete with other truck financiers that advertise in trucking periodicals or newspapers (offline truck papers) found at truck stops.

The Solution

In order to compete with the traditional offline publications, Multiview crafted a Google AdWords campaign that leveraged Expanded Text Ads (ETA’s) to display current specials for potential truck buyers who are on their phones at geo locations, such as truck stops.
Buying funnel-based keywords in text ads enabled Multiview to help Wholesale Truck & Finance to target the right buyers at the right time. Not only did the CTR (Click Through Rates) for ETAs rise significantly, the CPL (Cost Per Lead) for Wholesale Truck & Finance decreased as well, resulting in a successful campaign that drove in new leads that converted.

We definitely found a new, reliable revenue stream with Multiview’s help. We doubled the budget to support efforts around this lead source since it converted better than any other advertising method we’ve tried on our own.

The Results

By targeting the right buyers at the right time with carefully selected keywords, targeted banner ads to reinforce brand awareness, and hyper-targeted advertising campaigns, Wholesale Truck & Finance significantly increased their brand awareness and online sales. Multiview helped Wholesale Truck & Finance build a new, long-term revenue source by
building successful and sustainable ad campaigns.

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