A Partnership Success Story: IFPA + Multiview


March 14, 2024

In an era where innovation and adaptability are keys to thriving, your organization deserves a partner that understands your unique challenges and propels you towards unparalleled success. Multiview stands out as that indispensable ally, transforming the landscape for associations and non-profits through strategic collaboration and cutting-edge digital marketing solutions.

Our journey with the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) since 2019 exemplifies the transformative power of our partnerships. Recognizing the need for a vendor that could enhance solutions and provide exceptional experiences, IFPA chose Multiview, marking the beginning of a groundbreaking collaboration that has since been redefining the fresh produce industry.

"Our goal was more about positioning our brand stories alongside the news ... Multiview allowed us to do just that," says Siobhan May, Director of Communications & PR at IFPA. This sentiment echoes the core of our mission: to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your industry's specific needs, ensuring your message not only reaches but resonates with your audience.

With Multiview, IFPA witnessed the cultivation of success and growth, evolving their weekly e-newsletter into a robust suite of digital marketing tools, including targeted newsletters and programmatic strategies. This expansion increased their brand awareness and significantly enhanced their reach during key industry events, solidifying their position as a leader in the fresh produce sector.

The essence of our partnership lies in our shared commitment to excellence. "Multiview meets this standard, which is why we list them on everything," May highlighted. Our team's dedication to your success is unwavering, ensuring we're a partner invested in your growth.

Our collaborative approach fosters innovation, driving success through unique perspectives and expertise. From unparalleled publishing services to creating opportunities and ensuring availability, Multiview stands ready to support your association every step of the way.

"We wouldn’t have grown as much as we have if it wasn’t for the [Multiview] team strategizing with us," May added.

As we look to the future, the partnership between IFPA and Multiview continues to thrive, guided by a shared vision for success. This journey towards excellence is about overcoming challenges and seizing new opportunities together, sowing the seeds of success for your association.

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